Saturday, October 16, 2010

My First Post - Starting a Food Blog

I wonder how some of these food bloggers do it! Not only do they cook, they photograph, they blog, they share stories! Only when you start to do this yourself, do you realize how much time and effort must actually go into it. 

You see, I decided a some time ago that I wanted to somehow document the meals that I prepare. This was mainly so that I could have a recipe book of sorts, of tried & tested recipes that were a success. Or not. So, I decided that the best way to do this was to blog about it. I regularly visit several food blogs a week, and they all seem to have a great database of recipes, so why not me, right? Of course, this also meant that I could share these recipes with friends and family, especially if they were on the lookout for simple (although, I do have a knack to complicate the most simple recipe!), quick vegan recipes. 
So anyway, from the time I decided that this blogging simply had to be done, it took me more than a couple weeks to read up about Food Blogging, and then another few weeks to research which blog hosting site offered what I was looking for. Sifting through the several sites took another few weeks. And then finally, once I figured out which one worked best for me (I based this on the most editable template offerings mostly, and also on the ease of posting, editing, adding fonts, uploading pix, et al, considering I am a HTML dummy), I realized I didn't really know what my first post should be about.

And then it struck me: I decided to share the little knowledge I have amassed over these past few months for those of you who are also interested in starting a food blog! I would certainly recommend Blogger as your hosting site, btw, maybe not for its free so-so templates, but certainly for its pretty easy to use interface. Also, here is a list of links to the articles that shed some light on the subject of Food Blogging: 

(well, ya, I know, its all from the same site. But what can I say, it covered all the topics I was researching!)

If you are looking for more info, I don't need to tell you that there is no dearth of it on the internet. So you can get busy Googling for anything you still have questions about. 

Best of Luck!!

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